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Smart Home Automation

Smart Homes are defined as dwellings in which numerous electrical, electronic and mechanical devices are connected to the internet. These devices can be controlled remotely allowing occupants to manage their home's environment and security from a mobile device or personal computer. They may also include security cameras and detectors, lights, thermostats, locks and heating & cooling systems

Building & Securing
the Digital Highway

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

Hyper Converged Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery
The ability to harness the power of your applications and data is essential for Digital transformation. To get the best in performance and stability, you require a server infrastructure that enable you to innovate, accelerate and meets your workload demands.
Data Center Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Business applications are increasingly demanding high-quality bandwidth. Collaboration is required across geographic and organizational boundaries. Moreover, Virtualization technologies and cloud computing strategies are entirely changing the face of enterprise networking. This mandates a network robust enough to support these applications.
Wired Networking
Wireless Networking
Network Security
Network Management Solution
Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions

Sophisticated advanced threats are on the rise, becoming difficult to prevent without a unified security infrastructure. We implement established and emerging security services to keep pace with the threat landscape across Data, Applications, Endpoints, Network and Perimeters. We ensure protection for your critical data and intellectual property with threat modeling to proactively prevent security incidents. We ensure compliance to your existing IT, security, corporate and regulatory standards so that your security programme integrates seamlessly with your practices.
Endpoint Protection
Mail Protection
Web Application Firewall
Threat Prediction
Network Admission Control
Cloud Security
Low Voltage

Low Voltage Solutions

Organizations have now realized the vital role of their facilities’ low-voltage information technology (IT) infrastructure and have taken a holistic view of the many systems needed.  Inefficient design and deployment practices result in added costs and project schedule delays. They may also contribute to the creation of ‘technology silos’ that reduce or preclude the infrastructure’s ability to support network convergence and new technologies in the future. We provide a comprehensive range of low voltage solutions for voice and data networks, Wi-Fi, TV cabling and all IP technology systems.
TV System
Public Address System
Cabling infrastructure
Gate Barrier & Bollard
Access control
Audio Visual
Lighting Control
Queuing Systems
Rack mounted UPS

Professional Services

Combining extensive technical experience, with strong strategic and business-focused leadership, we help our clients decide where they want to go, and how to get there by providing solutions to issues. We start by asking the right questions and then dig deep into the problems to unearth the right solutions. We don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions and our approach and recommendations, using proven methodologies, are highly customized. 
Project Implementation
Annual Maintenance Contract Services
Solution Architecture and Design
On Demand Support Services
Professional Services

Managed and Outsourced Services

In today's business landscape, organisations are operating in a highly competitive environment and continuously seek specific operational advantages over their competitors. Our Managed Services provide such institutions with the means to leverage its core business skillsets and competencies, by letting us manage the essential IT operations with full accountability while they retain the ability to have continuous direct oversight and control. It leads to significant cost advantages and optimal utilization of resources.
Back-end Support (System and Network Administration)
Front-End Support (Helpdesk & Field Support)
Network Operations Center (NOC) Service
Specialized Technical Resources (Outsourcing Services)
Managed & Outsourced Services
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